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Fringer EF-GFX progress

Fringer EF-GFX smart adapter is still under development. It is expected to be available in October. 

The key features includes:

  • Built-in electronic aperture ring simiar to native G mount lenses.
  • Phase detection AF support (GFX100 & GFX100s only) for all tested and optimized lenses. Focus points fully cover the sensor. DSLR like AF experiences.
  • Supports both lens IS and IBIS (not at the same time). Users may choose between them.
  • Built-in LaCA profiles. Support in-camera lateral chromatic aberration correction for all tested and optimized lenses.  

Recently we have tested and optimized Sigma 105/1.4 Art. It performs really well on GFX100s. The 44x33 medium frame sensor is fully covered without any problem. It AFs just like on a EF mount DSLR. Please see the following pictures taken by it on GFX100s and Fringer adapter.

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