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New feature of Fringer NF-FX adapter: LaCA correction

Fringer NF-FX (Nikon F mount to Fujifilm X mount) smart adapter will be released soon. Today we'd like to introduce an interesting feature of the adapter, i.e. LaCA correction.

LaCA, stands for lateral chromatic aberration, is resulting from a difference of image scale at different wavelength of red, green and blue light. LaCA causes colored fringes at high contrast edges of the image.

When we shoot RAW, LaCA can be easily removed by post processing. However, a key feature of Fujifilm cameras is their film simulation. In other words, we usually use the jpeg files directly out of the camera with few post processing. When using native X mount lenses, there is no problem since Fujifilm cameras will correct all the LaCA automatically. But when using adapted lenses, LaCA become a problem.

Fringer NF-FX has a built-in LaCA correction profile data base for all the lenses that have been tested and optimized (see this list). When shooting jpegs, the adapter will provide the LaCA correction profile of current lens to the camera automatically. The latter will use that profile to correct LaCA when generating jpeg pictures. Finally, user get a jpeg photo directly out of the camera which is LaCA free.

Please see the following example.

broken image

This is a photo taken by Fujifilm X-S10, Nikon AF-S DX 35/1.8G and Fringer NF-FX adapter. See the EXIF data below.

broken image

We have used two different adapter firmware, one without lens profile and one with it, to take similar photos. Please see the results below. The 100% crops clearly showed how the effect of LaCA correction is.

broken image

In Fringer EF-FX adapters, begin with firmware 2.50 of the first generation, we have included lens profiles for selected lens models. In Fringer NF-FX, we have included that for all lenses. It's the first time that a third party smart adapter can do that!

Fringer NF-FX will hit the market soon. You may expect it at the end of this month or early next month.

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broken image
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