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Fringer adapter, EF600/4L II and X-T3 on Asian Lemans car racing at Fuji Speedway, Japan.

Paul Khoo, from Rewind Images, a Singapore based Motorsports Photo Agency, recently used the fringer adapter with Canon’s EF L 600mm MK2 on the Fujifilm XT3 at Rd 2 of the Asian Lemans Series, at Fuji Speedway, Japan. Here are his thoughts on the set-up. “I wasn’t quite sure if this combo would work given that it was mid-afternoon and being December in Japan, the sun sets early.” Commented Paul. “As the available light continued to drop, my exposure setting ranged from Iso320-400 f4.0 1/1000 on the Fujifilm XT3, continuous tracking mode and followed the car as it came straight on from the turn. All the images are uncropped. Pleasantly surprised that in this sequence, the car came out sharp on every frame. While this was clearly the best scenario, other sequences had some soft frames and as the session continued, the cold, cloudy day with progressively lower light levels, more frames were unsharp. All in all, until Fujifilm fills out the long glass end of its lens offerings, using the fringer adapter may be a viable stop gap measure.”

You may click on the following small pictures to see in original size with all the EXIF info.

Fringer EF-FX (Pro) adapters have been tested on more than 100 EF, EF-S, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses. All tested lenses can leverage the full coverage of Fujifilm X-T3's PDAF points (and other camera bodies' all AF points in the PDAF area), thus have optimal performance. You may order the Pro version adapter on my webstore.

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