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Fringer NF-GFX smart adapter is released!

We are glad to anounce that Fringer NF-GFX is released. It adapts Nikon and third party F mount lenses to Fujifilm GFX cameras while keeping AF, AE, and other auto functions.

Key features include:

1. Built-in aperture motor. Support electronic aperture control for both mechanical and magnetoelectric aperture lenses (AF, D, G, E lenses).
2. Autofocus (AF-S & AF-P lenses only). Support phase detection AF (on GFX100/100S and optimized lenses only). Support FACE/EYE autofocus on all GFX cameras.
3. Build-in lens profiles. Support LaCA correction (optimized lenses only). Support vignetting and distortion correction (selected lenses only).
4. Support lens VR & IBIS (not at the same time). User selectable.

5. Support all the auto functions on third party (e.g. Sigma & Tamron) lenses, too.

You may order it from our online store now or through other channels in the near future.

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