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Fringer NF-GFX Demo

The development of Fringer NF-GFX is almost complete. It adapts Nikon F mount lenses to GFX cameras while keeping AF, AE, and other auto functions.

Key features include:

1. Built-in aperture motor. Support electronic aperture control for both mechanical and magnetoelectric aperture lenses (AF, D, G, E lenses).
2. Autofocus (AF-S & AF-P lenses only). Support phase detection AF (on GFX100/100S and optimized lenses only).
3. Build-in lens profiles. Support LaCA correction (optimized lenses only). Support vignetting and distortion correction (selected lenses only).
4. Support lens VR or IBIS (not at the same time). User selectable.

It's in beta stage now and will be released soon!