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    Fringer EF-NZ Ⅱ (FR-NZ2)

    Adapting EF/EF-S lenses from Canon, Sigma, Tamron and other third parties to Nikon Z cameras

  • Fringer EF-NZ Ⅱ features

    High performance

    Using a Canon lens on a Nikon camera like a native one!

    • Similar phase detection AF performance as Nikon FTZ adapter
    • Support AF-S, AF-C, AF-F (video only) and MF
    • Support Single-point AF, Dynamic-area AF, Wide-area AF, Auto-area AF as well as Face/Eye-Detection AF
    • Professional internal light extinction design
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    High compatibility

    Electronic aperture control, auto focus, Exif recording

    • Support all Z cameras*.
    • All EF/EF-S mount lenses are supported and work as a native.**

    * Theoretically, it supports all Z mount cameras. If any problem is found when new cameras are released, we may fix it with a firmware update.

    ** In theory. We haven't tested all the lenses yet. If any lens is found to be incompatible, please let us know.

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    Support IS functions

    Both lens IS and IBIS

    • Support lens IS (OS, VC) functions*
    • Support camera in-body IS functions*

    * Not at the same time

    Good AF support in movie mode

    AF-C/AF-F focus tracking

    • Support focus speed setting on camera menu*

    *Selected lens models only. The list of supported lenses may grow in the future. Read the manual for more details.

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    High precision and durable

    CNC made mount bayonets and body

    • Lens mount made of brass
    • Camera mount made of brass
    • Adapter body made of alloy
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    Weather-sealed design

    working with Weather-sealed cameras and lenses

  • Fringer EF-NZ (FR-NZ1) & EF-NZ Ⅱ (FR-NZ2)

    Firmware download

    Version 1.90 (46,328 bytes, 2024/6/14)

    Release notes


    User's manual download

    English version       中文版

    After-sale services **

    14-days return or replacement

    Within two weeks after you purchased the adapter, for any reason you may return it to us and get refund* or a new replacement if it's in original status. Please contact us before return it. Be noted that buyer pay return shipping cost.

     1-year free warranty.

    Within one year after you purchased the adapter, if you encounter any problem, you may send it back to us for repair. If it's not caused by abnormal usage, we'll repair it for free. Be noted that buyer pay shipping costs.

    Lifetime service.

    You can always rely on our after sale service, even after the free warranty period. But you may need to pay for relevant costs.


    * PayPal fee will not be refunded. Check this for more details.

    ** This is for customers who purchase the adapter from our webstore. If it's purchased from other resellers, after-sale services are provided by them.

  • Lens compatibility

    Automatically match lens data between EF/EFS lenses and Z mount cameras

    Unlike Fringer EF-FX adapters, there is no need to test and optimize every EF/EFS lenses on the EF-NZ adapter. They are supported automatically.

    Almost all the EF/EFS mount lenses work like native ones

    As a revolutionary product, it's the first time that a third-party smart adapter can do that. Hundreds of EF/EFS mount lens models, whatever made by Canon or major third-parties such as Sigma Tamron and Tokina, work nearly perfectly on Z mount.

    Tell us if you found an unsupported lens

    According to users' feedback and our analysis, the compatible lens list of EF-NZ is far bigger than that of EF-FX adapters. But we haven't tested them all. We believe there should be very few lenses that are still unsupported. If you encountered such a situation, please let us know.