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    To address the issues introduced by v1.40, we have just release the v1.50. 2020/10/11 Version 1.50 1. Fixed the following issues introduced by v1.40:Wrong lens profile was applied and caused distortion at edges.AF fine-tune values couldn’t be saved for different lenses. 2. Added movie AF speed...
    We have just released the new firmware (v1.40) for Fringer EF-NZ adapter to address the compatibility issue with Nikon Z5 camera. Please visit our website to download the new firmware file and release notes. Follow the instructions in the release notes to update your adapter.
    We have developed NF-FX adapter (adapting Nikon F lens to Fujifilm X camera) for several months. Now the engineering sample is ready. It supports electronic aperture control for D, G and E lenses and auto focus for AF-S and AF-P lenses. Like Fringer EF-FX adapters, PDAF works very well on newer X...
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