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    Contax 645 - GFX II Smart Adapter

    The successor of the world's first smart adapter for Fujifilm GFX cameras (Fringer C645-GFX, 2017/4)

  • Fringer C645-GFX II

    Key features

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    Electronic aperture control

    User selectable

    - Aperture ring on the lens

    - Command dial on the camera

    Auto focus & IBIS

    - Phase detection AF is supported on GFX100/100S/100 II/100S II *

    - Contrast AF only on GFX50S/50R/50S II

    (In any case that you don't want AF, MF is also available.)

    - IBIS is supported on GFX100/100S/50S II/100 II/100S II *


    *: The Major improvements compared to MK I !!!

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    Correctly record EXIF information

    - Lens model

    - Max/current aperture

    - Focal length


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    Compatible with all Contax 645 lenses

    Including 35/3.5, 45/2.8, 55/3.5, 80/2, 120/4, 140/2.8, 210/4, 350/4, 45-90/4.5 and Mutar 1.4x

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    Well designed and made

    - Designed for 44 x 33 frame. Unlike 135 lenses, no vignetting issues!

    - Built-in tripod mount without additional cost. (Read this please)

    - Flocking inside minimized the internal reflection.

    - Alloy body, brass (front & back) mounts, durable design

    - Firmware upgradable (through built-in micro USB port).

  • Service and resources for Contax 645 - GFX adapters

    After-sale services

    14-days return or replacement

    Within two weeks after you purchased the adapter, if it works abnormal or not as described, you may return it to us and get refund* or a new replacement. Please contact us before return it.

     1-year free warranty.

    Within one year after you purchased the adapter, if you encounter any problem, you may send it back to us for repair. If it's not caused by abnormal usage, we'll repair it for free.

    Lifetime service.

    You can always rely on our after sale service, even after the free warranty period. But you may need to pay for relevant costs.


    * PayPal fee will not be refunded. Check this for more details.

    Fringer C645-GFX II

    Firmware update

    Version 1.0

    Release notes

    Firmware download


    User's manual

    English & 中文



    Discontinued product

    Fringer C645-GFX

    Firmware update

    Version 2.3 (2017/10/30)

    Release notes 



    User's manual

    English     中文


  • Contax 645 lenses compatible list

    The C645-GFX II adapter is compatible with all C645 lenses.


    Lenses with better AF performance

    Distagon T* 3,5/35
    Distagon T* 2,8/45
    Distagon T* 3,5/55
    Planar T* 2/80
    Sonnar T* 2,8/140
    Sonnar T* 4/210
    Tele-Apotessar T* 4/350
    Vario-Sonnar T* 4,5/45-90


    Lenses with degraded AF performance

    Sonnar T* 2,8/140 + Mutar 1,4x T*
    Sonnar T* 4/210 + Mutar 1,4x T*
    Tele-Apotessar T* 4/350 + Mutar 1,4x T*

    MF only

    MF only lens

    Apo-Makro-Planar T* 4/120